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Trenchless Manhole Rehabilitation Solutions

Often overlooked, manhole rehabilitation can provide the most ‘bang-for-the-buck’ when considering trenchless solutions for your system because of the following:

  • Simple evaluation – open the cover and you can see the condition of the manhole without any expensive equipment.
  • Variety of Solutions — Green Mountain Pipeline Services can offer a wide variety of services:
    • Seal pipe connections, joints, inverts, lift holes, etc. with both chemical and cementitious grouts
    • Rebuild benches & inverts
    • Rebuild and/or seal corbels
    • Coat entire manhole wall with cement from ½” to 3″ thick
    • Reconstruct entire manhole with cement and epoxy
    • Reset & Seal Frames/Covers
    • Install New Frames/Covers
  • Each one of these services can be completed alone or in conjunction with others to provide a solution for a simple leak or complete rebuild in your busiest intersection

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